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The Human Development Initiative, begun in 2009, is a community of scholars throughout the university interested in development across the lifespan. The initiative creates venues where scholars involved in cutting-edge research in the social and health sciences (including genetics, neuroscience, and psychosocial development) can focus on the intersections between their own work and that of other researchers. We invite faculty and graduate students to join us at our bi-weekly brown bag speaker series and our fall and spring colloquia.

Blow Adrian Blow
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Marriage and Family Therapy, Purdue University 1999
Masters Marriage and Family Therapy, Abilene Christian University 1995
Bachelors Psychology and Biblical Studies, University of South Africa 1992
3B Human Ecology

Research Statement
Broadly interested in families and health and health related stress, including mental and physical health, and the ripple effects of these on family functioning. Working to develop and adapt interventions to families dealing with traumatic illnesses and events such as wartime deployment, breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, and relationship infidelity.

Research Publications    
2010Cox, R. B., Blow, A. J., Maier, K. S., Parra Cardona, J. R. (2010). Covariates of substance use initiation for Venezuelan youth: Using a multilevel approach to guide prevention programs. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 71, 424-433. ISI Impact Factor: 2009 = 2.306; Last five years = 2.573. Data based.
2009Blow, A. J., Morrison, N. C., Tamaren, K., Wright, K, Schaafsma, M. & Nadaud, A. (2009). Change processes in couple therapy: An intensive case analysis of one couple using a common factors lens. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 35, 350-368. ISI Impact Factor: 2009 = 0.882; Last five years = 1.253. Data based.
2008Gorman, L. A., & Blow, A. J. (2008). Concurrent depression and infidelity: Background, strategies for treatment, and future research. Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, 7, 39-58. No current ISI Impact Factor.
2008Blow, A. J., Timm, T. M., & Cox, R. B. (2008). The role of the therapist in therapeutic change: Does therapist gender matter? The Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, 20, 66-86. No current ISI Impact Factor.
2007Sprenkle, D. H. & Blow, A. J. (2007). The role of the therapist as the bridge between common factors and therapeutic change: More complex than congruency with a worldview. Journal of Family Therapy, 29, 109-113. ISI Impact Factor: 2009 = 1.458; Last five years = 1.421.
2007Blow, A. J., Sprenkle, D. H., & Davis, S. D. (2007). Is who delivers the treatment more important than the treatment itself? The role of the therapist in common factors. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 33, 298-317. ISI Impact Factor: 2009 = 0.882; Last five years = 1.253.
2000Gorman, L. A., Fitzgerald, H., & Blow, A. J. (published online 26 November 2009). Parental Combat Injury and Early Child Development: A Conceptual Model for Differentiating Effects of Visible and Invisible Injuries. Psychiatric Quarterly, 81, 1-21. ISI Impact Factor: 2009 = 0.547; Last five years = 0.885.