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The Human Development Initiative, begun in 2009, is a community of scholars throughout the university interested in development across the lifespan. The initiative creates venues where scholars involved in cutting-edge research in the social and health sciences (including genetics, neuroscience, and psychosocial development) can focus on the intersections between their own work and that of other researchers. We invite faculty and graduate students to join us at our bi-weekly brown bag speaker series and our fall and spring colloquia.

Holzman Claudia Holzman
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Michigan
Masters University of Minnesota

Research Statement
Dr. Holzman has been involved in reproductive and perinatal research, primarily focusing on the areas of preterm delivery, brain injury in neonates, birth defects, and vaginal infections. Her ongoing research has two foci. The first is a multi-community, prospective study designed to identify pathways to preterm delivery (e.g., infection, maternal vascular disease) by assessing psychosocial and biologic factors in approximately 2,000 pregnant women. The second, on vaginal infections, is a three-stage investigation of the epidemiology of bacterial vaginosis (BV).

Research Publications    
2009Holzman C, Bullen B, Fisher R, Paneth P, Reuss L, and the Prematurity Study Group. Pregnancy outcomes and community health: the POUCH Study of preterm delivery. (in press Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiol.)
2009Holzman C, Leventhal J, Qui H, Jones N, Wang J, BV Study Group. Factors linked to bacterial vaginosis in non-pregnant women (in press AJPH).
2007Xue F, Holzman C, Rahbar MH, Trosko K, Fischer L. Maternal Fish Consumption, Mercury Levels, and Risk of Preterm Delivery. Environmental Health Perspectives 2007; 115 (1):42-7.
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2006Messer L, Kaufman J, Laraia B, O’Campo P, Burke J, Eyster J, Holzman C, Culhane J, Elo I. The Development of a Standardized Neighborhood Deprivation Index: Associations with Adverse Birth Outcomes Journal Of Urban Health; 2006; 83(6):1041-62.
2001Holzman C, Bullen B, Fisher R, Paneth P, Reuss L, and the Prematurity Study Group. Pregnancy outcomes and community health: the POUCH Study of preterm delivery. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 2001:15 (suppl. 2) 136-158.
2001Holzman C, Jetton J, Siler-Khodr T, Fisher R, Rip T. Second trimester corticotropin-releasing hormone levels in relation to preterm delivery and ethnicity. Obstet Gynecol 2001; 97:657-63.
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