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The Human Development Initiative, begun in 2009, is a community of scholars throughout the university interested in development across the lifespan. The initiative creates venues where scholars involved in cutting-edge research in the social and health sciences (including genetics, neuroscience, and psychosocial development) can focus on the intersections between their own work and that of other researchers. We invite faculty and graduate students to join us at our bi-weekly brown bag speaker series and our fall and spring colloquia.

Mix Kelly Mix
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Chicago

Research Statement
Kelly Mix’s research focuses on the development of number concepts and mathematical reasoning. She is particularly interested in the emergence of these ideas in infancy and early childhood, as well as the way conventional symbols for number and mathematics are mapped onto this preverbal foundation. Her areas of expertise are cognition, cognitive development, elementary mathematics, and learning and culture.

Research Publications    
2009Mix, K. S. & Paik, J. H. (in press). Transparent fraction names: Comparing U.S. and Korean children's performance on verbal and nonverbal measures. Journal of Cognition and Development.
2008Mix, K. S. (2008). How Spencer made number: First uses of the number words. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 102, 427-444.
2008Paik, J. H. & Mix, K. S. (2008). It’s all relative: Different levels of relational similarity used in children’s comparisons. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 26, 495-505.
2008Mix, K. S. (2008). Surface similarity and label knowledge impact early numerical comparisons. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 26, 13-32.
2008Mix, K.S. (2008). Children’s equivalence judgments: Cross-mapping effects. Cognitive Development, 23, 191- 203.