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The Human Development Initiative, begun in 2009, is a community of scholars throughout the university interested in development across the lifespan. The initiative creates venues where scholars involved in cutting-edge research in the social and health sciences (including genetics, neuroscience, and psychosocial development) can focus on the intersections between their own work and that of other researchers. We invite faculty and graduate students to join us at our bi-weekly brown bag speaker series and our fall and spring colloquia.

Wampler Karen S. Wampler
Chair-Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Ph.D. Purdue University

Research Publications    
2009Baier, M. E. M., & Wampler, K. S. (in press). A qualitative study of Southern Baptist mothers’ and their daughters’ attitudes towards sexuality. Journal of Adolescent Research.
2009Brimhall, A. S., Wampler, K. S., & Kimball, T. G. (in press). Learning from the past, altering the future: A tentative theory exploring the effects of past relationships on couples who remarry. Family Process.
2006Parker, T. S., & Wampler, K. S. (2006). Changing emotion: The use of therapeutic storytelling. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 32 155-166.
2006Bermudez, J. M., Reyes, N. A., & Wampler, K. S. (2006). Conflict resolution styles among Latino couples: Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, 5, 1-21.
2005Wampler, K. S., Reifman, A., & Serovich, J. M. (2005). Meta-analysis in family therapy research. In D. H. Sprenkle & F. P. Piercy (Eds.), Research methods in family therapy (2nd ed., pp. 318-338). New York: Guilford.
2002Caldera, Y. M., Fitzpatrick, J., & Wampler, K. S. (2002). Coparenting in intact Mexican American families: Mothers’ and fathers’ perceptions. In J. M. Contreras, K. A. Kerns, & A. M. Neal-Barnett (Eds.), Latino children and families in the United States (pp. 107-131). Westport CT: Praeger.